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The Global Equity resource is authored and regularly updated by specialist Baker McKenzie and contributing firm lawyers active in share plan and employee compensation issues.
The resource examines the range of topics of focus across the covered share plans in more than 60 jurisdictions.
The information is primarily structured as a set of practical checklists, containing Q&A’s designed to summarize tax and other legal and compliance issues in each jurisdiction.
Share plan types currently covered are stock option plans; employee stock purchase plans; and restricted stock / restricted stock unit plans, as well as performance shares, across all Q&A checklists.

How does it work

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Typical questions answered

Employee Taxation

What are the income tax and social insurance consequences for rolling out substantially the same share plan internationally?
How do the tax consequences differ for mobile employees?

Employer Taxation

Can corporation tax deductions be maximized, costs be recharged to subsidiaries abroad, and imputed receipts under transfer pricing rules be minimized?

Exchange Controls

Are cross-border remittances of funds under the share plan restricted?
Must employees repatriate proceeds from the sale of shares?

Securities Laws

Which jurisdictions have registration and/or prospectus requirements?
Are there any exemptions from the registration / prospectus rules?
What is the timing and nature of any necessary filings?

Labor Law

Will the share award be considered an entitlement or vested right?
Which discrimination laws affect operation of the share plan?
Is employee consent required when amending or changing the plan?

Data Privacy

What measures need to be taken with respect to personal data collected, processed, stored and transferred under the share plan?