Why Baker McKenzie Link

  • Authored by specialized Baker McKenzie lawyers for high quality, reliable content.
  • Content updated regularly to meet training demands of a dynamic global environment.
  • Broad range of languages and support services available.
  • Full customization available to meet individual requirements.

Tax insight for specialists

Baker McKenzie Link offers a selection of specialist tax resources to support specialists in optimizing operations and compliance in the following areas.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) / Invoicing Requirements 
  • Software Tax Characterization

The resources enable businesses to navigate the complex tax regulations and requirements involved with doing business in a rapidly changing global environment.

By being able to directly access and compare key legal information relating to specific transactions, businesses may save significant time and budget while optimizing the foundation for business decisions.

The VAT / Invoicing Requirements resource is aimed at facilitating invoicing compliance and VAT planning for buyers and sellers of goods subject to VAT and other indirect taxes.

The Software Tax Characterization resource optimizes compliance and tax planning related to the international distribution and sale of software.

The content in both resources is authored and regularly updated by specialist Baker McKenzie and contributing firm lawyers who specialize in the subject matters covered.

“The Specialist Tax Resources provide effective access to specific legal information for increased business support“