Key characteristics

  • One-stop compliance solution
  • Cost-effective risk management
  • Organization-wide training
  • Global testing and certification
  • Dedicated support team
  • Invitation and reporting services
  • Industry- and region-specific
  • Highly customizable
  • Up to 23 languages
  • Regularly updated
  • Baker McKenzie quality content

VAT / Invoicing Requirements

How invoices are prepared and processed can affect a company's ability to avoid the imposition of expensive VAT (compliance) costs such as irrecoverable VAT and / or penalties.

The comprehensive content covered in this resource helps both specialists and non-specialists manage VAT / Invoicing Requirements compliance by providing easy access to tailor-made input on data requirements to invoicing under tax systems in more than 60 countries.

Need training on VAT?

Also available in the VAT / Invoicing Requirements resource is a comprehensive e-learning program on VAT Compliance in the European Union.

Software Tax Characterization

Characterizing foreign source software revenues is a challenge for large and small software firms alike.

An effective understanding of the current rules and practices concerning the various forms of software revenue reduces the risks associated with withholding, including back taxes, penalties and interest, disallowed tax credits, and damaged customer relationships.

Access to this resource supports minimizing mischaracterization risk and optimizes understanding of key software tax characterization issues across more than 40 countries. The resource also highlights the degree of audit activity by country regulators and availability (or not) of tax rulings from country authorities, which is relevant when assessing risk.

The resource helps make a solid foundation for business decisions when;

  • entering new markets or launching new products;
  • changing the distribution model in a country;
  • investigating withholding tax regulations or seeking a refund;
  • assessing whether a tax ruling can be obtained;
  • preparing financial budgets and estimate future tax liabilities

How does it work

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